AMM Arabic Translation and Interpretation Services

Professional English / Arabic Translation / Conference / Simultaneous Interpretation

Telephone: +1 416-759-4334
  • Company Profile

    AMM is a dynamic and enthusiastic group of translators who are eager to assist you in developing new and existing markets in the Middle East.

    We offer exceptionally high quality translation for all your corporate needs, whether it is from English into Arabic or Arabic into English.

    Quality is our assurance. Our translators offer a diverse background as well as an excellent command of the technicality of translation.

    We provide you with colloquial Arabic in any region as well as the Classical Arabic used throughout the Middle East. All the translators are fully bi- or multilingual, highly skilled, experienced in language-related work and have tertiary qualifications and career expertise in a wide range of subject fields.

    Our qualifications include:

    • Certified Members of ATIO (Association of Translators & Interpreters of Ontario, Canada)
    • B.A. in English/Arabic Translation

    AMM also offers experienced interpreters in any language combination who can help you communicate with your clients, individuals, visitors and investors.

    AMM offer interpreters to escort businessmen and visitors who need help communicating and getting around during their visit to North America.